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How to sell your Hair?

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Selling your hair online at HairSellon is quick and easy. Register for a Free Account. click Post an Ad. and decide what type of listing you want. We do however make several recommendations in regards to getting the maximum value from your hair and strongly suggest reading the below guide and our Using this Website Safely Guide »

The Most Important Guidelines

  • Never send your hair off before receiving payment
  • For maximum value and safety avoid cutting your hair before receving payment.
  • We strongly recommend using PayPal to receive the money for your hair sale. Ignore anyone offering cashier cheques, Western Union, MoneyGram or alternative payment methods and report them to HairSellon
  • Be accurate in your Ad description. The quality of human hair is obvious to hair buyers, misdescription means they will be refunded and you will have wasted your time and money sending the hair.
  • Read this guide, and the Website Safety and Scam Guide

Ok, I understand, now how do I sell my hair on HairSellon?

Follow these Five instructions…

1. Sign up for a Free Account: Sign up for a Free Account: When signing up for a new account, we suggest using one of your lesser email accounts, or setting up a new email address. This reduces the risk of unwanted emails in your main accounts. You can set up a new email here: 2. Post A Hair Ad/Listing Hair Listing Categories: You can list your hair in one of two categories, ‘Hair for Sale by Length’ or ‘Hair for Sale by Colour’. Whichever you choose you will also be automatically listed in the other category once your ad has been processed.

Descriptions: Buyers rely on your good faith in descriptions, however they can easily tell the quality of hair once they have the product in hand and will look for a refund if theres anything dubious.

Be as truthful and accurate as possible in your descriptions and include as much detail as possible. You will find ‘Helpful Hint’ boxes on the hair selling form to help you along your way.

Advertising Charges: There are two advert listing options Standard & Featured. Featured listings receive maximum exposure, with extra advertising around the website in prominent positions. Standard will just be listed normally.

Photos: You can include up to three photos (maximum file size is 500kb). Try to take the photos under natural light conditions as this will bring out the correct colour of your hair.

Good photos are crucially important for buyers.

Post A Listing Now » 3. Wait for Contact from Buyers Once your hair is listed, buyers will be able

to contact you through the HairSellon contact system, and you will be able to finalise a deal. Messages will go directly to the email inbox you signed up with.

Please report any inappropiate messaging to Hairsellon 4. Sales, Payment, Cuting & Shipping Once an agreement has been reached with a buyer we strongly recommend you use Paypal to handle transactions, this makes it much easier to handle any potential disputes. You can send an invoice directly to the buyers email address by using your PayPal account.

We advise holding on to a small portion of your hair in the unlikely case of any issues/disagreement with buyers down the line.

Before cutting make sure your hair is brushed and aligned properly.

-Secure the hair with elastic hair bands and cut the hair in ponytail form if possible.

-Avoid disturbing the hair once cut, and package into an sealed bag/padded mailer to avoid any external dust or contaminants getting in.

-Send using a postal tracking number service so you have proof of postage and the buyer can track the delivery.

NEVER send your hair off to the buyer until the money is confirmed in your paypal account.

We also advise not to cut your hair off until you’ve received payment. 5. Managing Your Advert Once you’ve registered at HairSellon, you can manage your Ad(s) from your Dashboard. Here you can see your account information, views counter and the status of your ads. You can also edit your adverts and upgrade your listing(s).

Please remember to mark your ad as sold in your dashboard once the sale is completed. Access Your Dashboard »

How Much is My Hair Worth?

The price of hair varies hugely and is dependent on the market at the time. It is graded by quality and length/weight. In terms of quality, highly cared for hair that hasn’t been dyed, or been subjected to ironing/curling or other treatments is worth much more.

Imperfections such as split ends would have to be cut off and the value will drop respectively, this is why accurate descriptions are so vital. One of the key factors in hair pricing is whether or not it can be classified as virgin hair, find out What is Virgin Hair?

We’ve recently launched a new tool called the Hair Price Calculator. This unique tool is designed to give you a personal quote for the value of your hair, taking the effort and confusement out of pricing.

Try out the Hair Calculator below. Remember; due to the individual nature of people’s hair, prices can only be estimates and often represent the maximum amount you could sell your hair for.

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