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How to file bankruptcy in wisconsin

how to file bankruptcy in wisconsin



In Wisconsin, we have a unique law that lets people in debt obtain virtually the same kind of legal protections against creditors and their collections agencies that filing for bankruptcy provides . At the same time, this law lets someone pay off all their trouble debts with one, easy monthly payment. This law is not new, but it is not well known, even by most attorneys in Wisconsin.

It's not bankruptcy and it's not debt consolidation, but it's similar to both.

If you are a Wisconsin resident, have any steady source of income (even disability benefits), and need fast, effective debt relief, Chap. 128 of the Wisconsin statutes can provide an easy court-ordered plan to force most creditors

to accept repayment of most debts ( even student loans *) in comfortable, monthly increments over a period of three or fewer years.

Like bankruptcy, this stops credit-card and most other kinds of interest, and it stops creditors from garnishing you. And like debt consolidation, you get to pick and choose which of your bills you want to pay in full at a rate you can handle (retaining more of your good credit history)!

Stop garnishments!No submitting any schedules of property, finances or tax returns! No going to court! Low cost!

Can be done any time, even after having just filed federal bankruptcy and receiving a discharge!

Easy for you to do, with affordable payment options available!

Typical debts that can be handled through a Ch. 128 include:

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