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How to find a bankruptcy lawyer

how to find a bankruptcy lawyer

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As mentioned above, most law firms do not actively promote their pro bono work or lawyers-but that does not mean that they don't offer the service. Start calling up attorneys in your area and directly asking them whether they or someone in their office is offering pro bono services. The worst they can say is no, and they will often direct you to someone who is practicing pro bono.

Approach a lawyer who is a recent graduate. Lawyers who are new to the profession are more likely to offer pro bono services because they need to get the courtroom experience under their belt. Just because they are new doesn't mean that they will be any less professional or worthy or representing your

case, and it may end up making it affordable for you.

Find a pro bono lawyer online. The world wide web allows us access to people that we might not be able to find otherwise, and this situation is no exception. There are websites designed around finding pro bono lawyers online; visit these and try to find a lawyer who is willing to do pro bono in your area. is an excellent resource when looking for a representative in court. Sometimes you can even find listings for pro bono lawyers in the phone book, but the internet works best.

Make sure that you are comfortable with and confident in your pro bono lawyer. Just because the service is free doesn't mean that you shouldn't feel appropriately represented.

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