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How to find bankruptcy records

how to find bankruptcy records

Things You'll Need


Identify the state of residence of the individual in bankruptcy. If the debtor is a business, find the state in which the entity (or corporation, for example) is organized.

Contact the bankruptcy court clerk, either by visiting the office in person or via the telephone.

Provide the full legal name to the representative of the bankruptcy court clerk's staff. The staff member will be able to provide you the basic listing and other essential information regarding a particular bankruptcy case.

Log on to the bankruptcy court's website as an alternative to making personal contact with the bankruptcy court clerk. Many bankruptcy courts now maintain interactive websites through which you can

find basic case listings and other information.

Input the name of the debtor (individual or business) that you believe is in bankruptcy in the particular court. Typically through such a portal all you need is the legal name of the individual or business to obtain more detailed information about a particular bankruptcy case.

Access a private bankruptcy court case database. If you desire to use a service not directly connected to the court, there are private companies that maintain databases including bankruptcy listings from around the country. These services charge a fee for use. However, if you desire to find multiple bankruptcy listings from different courts, this type of private service might be an advisable option.

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