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Historic US Coin Values Online Reports

Below is a sample from one of our historic US coin values online reports. The reports consist of tables showing coin pricing from many years in the past to the present. All of our online reports contain a table for every coin in the group (e.g. Lincoln Cents). Information in the tables is highlighted and explained in the sample.

The main idea of the Coin Value Tables is to show collectors how individual coin dates change in value over time. Some have increased in price much faster than others. Long term price trends from the past are the best indicator we have to predict what may happen in the future. Thus, coins with solid historical gains are the coins most likely to do the same in the years ahead.

All the Coin Value Tables on

this website closely resemble the sample below. There is no charge to view the data. These are FREE coin reports. We want you to use this information to select coins with the best chance of rising in price, if that is your goal.

We also provide PDF downloads with the exact same information, reformatted for easy printing. The Collector Index, not seen in the sample below, is a bonus feature offered exclusively in the printed reports. Read more about the Collector Index and get printed reports in easy-to-use PDF format over at the US Coin Reports Print Center.

A more thorough explanation on Coin Value Table research, grading concerns, and underlying philosophy is presented a few paragraphs down.

Coin Value Tables for some of the most popular United States coins are ready for your viewing pleasure:

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