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How to Grade Peace Silver Dollars – What is The Grade of My Peace Dollar?

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James Bucki is a coin collector, part-time coin dealer and a professional numismatic writer. He has received national recognition for assembling outstanding registry sets of U.S. coins and has won various awards for his coin exhibits at coin shows.

Grading Peace dollars is a skill that has taken even the top coin collectors many years to perfect. This guide will help you start grading Peace dollars by pictures and explanations. Remember that coin grading is the expression of an opinion that describes the condition of an individual coin that most dealers and collectors would come to an agreement with. Grading Peace Silver dollars is not an exact science, therefore a procedure cannot be applied where everyone comes out with the same result. Numismatists and

coin grading services have agreed upon certain definitions, descriptions and Sheldon's numeric values that help coin collectors and dealers describe their coins accurately to each other. This guide will help you understand those expressions and descriptions so you can accurately grade your Peace Silver dollars.

Understanding Grades for Peace Silver Dollars

The photo at the left illustrates the highest points on the Peace Silver dollar design (indicated by the color red). If you think you have an uncirculated Peace Silver dollar, look at these areas on the coin first to see if you can spot any wear. If there is wear, then it is not uncirculated. (Clicking on the photo will open a new window with a larger version of the image.)

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