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How to get SSS password and username to use for online inquiry?

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SSS Login Page Actual Appearance

So you forgot or lost a copy of your SSS login information for online inquiry. What steps or processes should you do to retrieve it or get it back?

If you have done your sign up already and have used your log in details before, you would know that typically, after signing up and you’ve had a successful account creation, the username and password is emailed immediately. It is sent to the email address you used when you signed up for an account at the official SSS website. If you still haven’t received it after a day or so of your sign up date, there could be a lot of reasons to look in to.

First thing you can do is to go check your email spam folder. It could have been caught by spam prevention system of your email provider or handler. Both Yahoo, Hotmail and Google Mail have this feature enabled by default.

Second thing to do is to contact the Social Security System of the Philippines directly. I have listed the full / complete contact details, office address and hotline telephone numbers below for your use. You may send your request in their email address or come over in person. It is best if you do this at the main branch in Diliman.

SSS Building

East Avenue

Diliman, Quezon City



No. (632) 920-6401, 920-6446


Third step you can do is to try to use the “forgot user ID or password” link which you can find here –

Procedure in Doing the Login Details (Username and Password) Retrieval

1. Go to the official home page of the Social Security System here – .

2. Try to find the SSS member login box. This is located in the upper left hand corner where you can also see the 2 boxes indicating the log in space for fill up of your user ID and password as labelled with the same.

3. Below, at the bottom of this login box is where you can find the “Forgot User ID or Password?” link which is just below the “Submit” button. Click the link that says “click here” or go to the link above this procedures list.

4. You will be asked to either enter your user ID or password, whichever of the two you have lost or forgotten. If you forgot about your user ID, then you only have to enter your email address and vice-versa.

5. As soon as all else fails, there is still one fail safe procedure you can do if you forgot both your user ID and password and this is to call the SSS hotline for assistance or come in person to the main branch. This is the last instruction I can provide for those who are having a problem with BOTH username and password.

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