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Pigeon Forge Tennessee Bed Bug Reports

Latest Bed Bug Reports in Pigeon Forge, TN

2015-07-28 13:44:48

Christmas Inn

119 Christmas Lane Piegon Forge TN

Room Number: room 101

Stayed here on June 16,17,room 101 again in room 101 on July 11, 12 2015. Had to spend over $1200.00to try to get problem solved including a trip to doctor with bite marks on my back, neck, and arms. Much anxiety.

Room Number: 225

I got home after a school trip where we had been staying at the music road hotel and a few days later I woke up with bites and the only place I had been besides home which did not have bed bugs was the hotel and I called the girls I had been sharing a room with and they told me they had gotten bed bugs as well and I am very upset because my mother cannot afford to get rid of them because we are a single income household.

Room Number: 203

Booked stay for Sunday, June 7. Checked bed upon arriving at hotel and it seemed fine. 5 minutes later, saw bed bug crawling across comforter. Fortunately, we hadn't sat on the bed yet and all of our luggage was still on the other side of the room. Reported to person working at front desk and she didn't seem surprised. Got refunded and went to a different hotel down the road.

3626 Parkway, Pigeon Forge,

Room Number: 118

The pillows smelled funky. After waking up I was so itchy. Figured out I got bed bug bites from sleeping at this hotel! After reading other reviews, other people have also experienced the same as myself. I just hope they fix their bed bug problem so other people won't have to go through what I am right now. I have at least 7 bites on each arm. Two on the back of my hand near my thumb, and THREE large bites on my neck, and unfortunately two on my face. It's hot where I live but I will be wearing long sleeves to work tomorrow. I would've rather slept in the car than in that bed. Hoping these bites go away soon. Very itchy, unattractive and a hassle. Won't be staying at thos hotel chain ever Again. No matter what state I travel too. Second motel ,6 stay. 1st time at this location.

Room Number: 142

We booked a room for 2 nights. Stayed one night after inspecting the bed and room and didn't notice anything. On the next day about mid day all sorts of red welts began showing up on my arm and legs. When we got to the room and inspected closer with a flashlight we found them. All along the wall at the top of the bed and all over the wooden frame of the bed.

We packed and left. Receptionist didn't seem surprised that we were leaving and didn't give a refund. My mother since contacted the owner and is aware and we are expecting a refund. We pain $314 for one night since we didn't get a refund. So so ridiculous. Hoping he will refund us. We had to drive 4+ hours home after midnight and this ruined our "vacation". Still traumatized.

Room Number: 100? down 100s hallway..forgot the number

Checked in on evening of April 11, 2015. Inspected our mattress. Looked good and clean. Just got settled in, when my husband noticed bugs between comforter and top sheet. Caught them in a baggie. We quickly and carefully grabbed our things. They never questioned our finding and gave a complete refund

Bear Camp Cabin Rentals

204 Pin Mtn. rd #5

Room Number: Cabin (The Nut House)

After staying the night I woke up to find my son broke out w/ red / rash like bumps (what i though to be a allergic reaction to maybe the washing powders they use) I then looked up what it could be w/ later inspection I founld BEDS BUGS in and around the bed

Rental Place--Householder Street

Room Number: Hidden Escape cabin

Upon checkin we unloaded our bags and checked out the cabin. It was beautiful and mostly clean. First we spotted a leak in downstairs bedroom. Directly on bed. We called and no one really fixed the issue. We began looking at the bed closer and noticed a spot here amd there. We checked the second bedroom. Same thing. It was bedbugs and they were coming out from everywhere. We left and got a full refund. Nasty!

2014-11-10 08:44:30

Riverside Towers

Nov 1st 2014. We were in bed fixing to call it a night, when we noticed little black things crawling on our bed. after careful inspection we realized these were bed bugs. We packed our things in trash bags and left, we did get a full refund. and was up washing clothes all night. room 102

Room Number: 209

Had reservation to stay at river place inn and cabin, arriving on Fri. the 10th and departing on Sunday 12th of Oct. 2014 Friday night around 11:oo/11:30 with only the TV light on, I noticed a bug on my pillow, tried to kill it thinking it was a spider. thought I killed it, but realized I didn't. I turned on the light to see several bedbugs. packed up and went to the office and got a refund. but to our amazement no hotels had any rooms available for that night. Had to drive back to Knoxville. Best weekend ever (not).Reported to health department.

Room Number: 108

The beds in this room were infested with bedbugs, and the management did not even seem to care. Do not stay here!

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