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how to get a dac report

As part of a pre-hiring procedure, nearly all large trucking companies will look at a trucker’s employment and driving record to see if there is any history of accidents, traffic violations, or other issues that might disqualify them from the job.  All of this information is collected into a database by a company called HireRight, which sells the information on individual drivers as a DAC Report.

DAC reports are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which entitles truckers to receive a free copy every year of the information that has been collected on them.  HireRight is the company that maintains and distributes DAC records, and drivers can submit a request to receive their free report online here:

If you need assistance, you can also call HireRight’s customer service at 1-800-381-0645

Drivers will be required to provide the following information in order to receive their free DAC report:



Social Security #

Driver’s License #

Phone contact information

Though the request is submitted online, the report is not available digitally, and you will have to wait for the DAC to be delivered by US mail.  According to our members, it takes around 10-15 days from the day your request is submitted until the hard copy is delivered.

The data that HireRight collects on drivers is notorious for the wildly inaccurate information stated in some reports.  A frequent complaint is that accidents where the truck driver was judged no-fault end up on the report as 50% or 100% at fault for the truck driver.  Disgruntled dispatchers have been known to report that the driver abandoned their tractor or returned equipment damaged, even if the tractor was returned to the terminal in its original condition.  When you receive your report, check carefully for inaccuracies, and be sure to dispute false information. 

HireRight has an obligation to remove incorrect data from your report, and you can learn how to dispute it yourself here, or hire a company that specializes in doing the same thing.

From the forum:

If you have access to a computer and a printer then you can get you owr FREE dac repost “no joke”

Go to then go down to the bottonm of the page and click the link “cdl driver reports, then under “ordering a copy of your dac report” you are going to click on the link “Hire Right Consumer Report Request form” then you print out the form fill it out sign it and send it in. It’s that easy.

One more thing you should do is take the request form down to the post office and mail it certified so if you don’t get your dac report within 30 days of signing for the certified letter then you can call and talk to someone about it, there is a phone number along with the address on the web site.

You get your da report with in 15 to 30 days.

I hope this information makes it easier on those who are trying to get a job.

All the best of luck out there.


You may obtain a copy of your HireRight DAC report free of charge once every twelve months by either contacting customer service at:

HireRight Customer Service: (800) 381-0645

Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm Central Time.

If you would prefer to make your request by mail, please complete and return the HireRight Consumer Report Request Form. Once you mail or email in the request according to the instructions given, your report will be sent to you within 15 days of our receipt. Click here to download the form

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