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This weekend we pushed a big update to the site, the second of such in the past thirty days. This update continues on our path of providing a better experience for our visitors by streamlining functionality and adding new services. We've also upgraded the dedicated server for the site by doubling it's memory and vastly increasing its bandwidth in order to improve performance.

Unfortunately all this work also has increased our overhead and we're looking to the community for assistance. We've created a subscription plan that members can subscribe to in order to support the site and help us keep the lights on.

New Features for Subscribers

1. Mobile Client

The mobile client is back! Get a VIN decoding experience tailored for mobile users. A whole new interface created with today's smartphones in mind.

2. Recall Information

We now look up a vehicle in the NHTSA's database in order to determine if there are any recalls listed. If so, the recalls are included in

the vehicle decode information.

3. No Ads on Decode Page!

Subscribers have all the ads removed from the VIN decode page and mobile client while they're logged in. This makes printing the page much easier.

4. Print View link

Speaking of printing, the new Print View link lets you toggle between the normal tabbed view of the decoded information or a printer-friendly non-tabbed view. Only for subscribers.

5. More Features coming!

This is just the beginning. New features will be added to help our subscribers get the most out of the site: native mobile apps for iOS and Android, NADA data for the decoded vehicles, window sticker generation, and much more.

We're open to suggestions and comments to what you want most from us in the future.

We hope you'll support us moving forward. We have an exciting list of additions we'd like to work on, but we need your help to make it a reality.

Thank you,

Richard Brown Owner: Decode This!

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