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How is lending tree

how is lending tree

We’d like to order some PullerBears for our “Scot’s Broom Free By ‘33” campaign on Whidbey Island:

2 - PullerBear Pro

7 - PullerBear Grip XL

These are for:

(Shipping Address)

Whidbey Environmental Action Network

7645 Bailey Rd.

Clinton, WA 98236

We previously got a PullerBear Grip XL, an Extractigator, and we already had a Weed Wrench. Our conclusions from comparative field testing:

Weed Wrench - We don’t have one of the “new” Weed Wrenches (“Uprooter”), so this based on our experience with a well used elderly 4”. While totally indestructible, the tendency of the jaws to stick is annoying, though it can be easily dealt with in the field by frequent spraying with Pam. But the lack of the “rocker” extension on the base, such as Extractigator and PullerBear have, places Weed Wrenches at an obvious mechanical disadvantage.

Extractigator - The (comparative) light weight is nice. The automatically opening jaws

(when lifted) are nice. The automatically opening jaws (when lifted) are annoying, since it requires a second step of hand pulling because of the lateral roots frequently present on, e.g. Scot’s Broom or Holly. This feature can be a plus or a minus depending on the situation. The high jaw height (above ground level) is a minus, since it makes dealing with previously mowed bushy Scot’s Broom difficult. We’ll have a few of these in the stable.

PullerBear - The low jaw height (ground level) is very helpful when dealing with previously mowed Scot’s Broom which has re-sprouted and is bushy at the base. And being able to have them permanently labeled is a huge plus, since these will be used at work parties and also made available through a renting/lending library system. Overall, the best for the $$. PullerBears wil be the main work horses in the stable.


Whidbey Environmental Action Network

Preservation Education Restoration

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