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How is recycling beneficial

how is recycling beneficial

Paper brokers may also accept other materials or have information on where to take them What prices do these brokers pay for materials? Obtain a list of prices from local brokers. What are the brokers' collection methods? It may be necessary to deliver the recyclables to them, or they may pick them up at a central location on campus.

b. Look at the Current Cost and Methods of Waste Disposal:

Determine how the waste is handled on your campus.  Many campuses handle their own waste, while others contract out waste disposal.  Examine how to incorporate a recycling program into your existing campus waste management operation.

Review the County Solid Waste Management Plan and determine how the college fits into that plan and also what impact your college has on the local waste stream.

Be a critical thinker and detective:

How much does the school spend on disposal?

Is the charge by weight, volume, or is it a fixed rate?

If the charge is by weight or volume then the economic incentive for recycling is greater.             Where does the waste go? Landfill? Incineration?

Include information on the environmental consequences of such  disposal practices in the report.

What are the

projected future landfill costs? Recycling is an effective way to avoid the exorbitant landfill costs as  space becomes more scarce.

Explicitly outline the potential savings for the school. Explain that the cost of waste disposal will decrease as volume decreases, and that money can be generated from the sale of recyclable materials. This money can be used to operate the recycling program, to publicize it, or for incentive programs.

5. Decide What Type of Collection Process Will Work Best:

Depending on recycling programs in the community surrounding your campus, you may be able to work your program into one that is already established.  Otherwise, it will be necessary to shop around for brokers to sell to, and/or businesses to collect and transfer your materials to the brokers.  The size of the institution is also a factor, as discussed in section III.

Some Possible Collection Methods:

**IMPORTANT: ALWAYS SITE RECYCLING NEXT TO A GARBAGE BIN.   This is the key to a consistent waste management strategy.  Without this, recyclables end up in the trash and trash ends up in the recycling.  As recycling is becoming more prevalent, including trash in the collection system is often overlooked which creates problems for the participants and the program.

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