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How is the credit crunch affecting people

how is the credit crunch affecting people


so hard we are selling up to leave Mi Bonnie Scotland forever. Between the credit crunch and the government selling the nation to the EUski there be nae a point in staying

Motivated to drive my credit card to zero.

To my credit card company,

I have NEVER driven my credit card to even half of available credit. I use it for emergencies. I pay on time and usually submit more then minimum required payment. I also make additional payments in trying to be a good citizen. So here is how I plan on rewarding you Mr credit card company. I will drive my card to zero.And I am not far away from doing so. Then you can collect zero dollars on my heightened interest rate which was raised unfairly to force me to help pay the debt of bad citizens who did not know how to handle their finances. I handled my credit with your company responsibly. Why should I be

punished for those who did not.

To Congress,

You fools should be writing legislation to protect those of us who do handle our finances responsibly. Not bailing out companies or individuals that do not handle themselves in a responsible manner. Most of you on congress, not all, are idiots. Paid wayyyyyyyyyyyy to much for what you accomplish for we the people.

To all,

Please note that I am by NO means a rich individual. Not even close. And to those that think, why does he not send that message to his credit card company. I have talked to them on the phone and told them this very same message.

I hope others will read this and do the same thing and send a message to the credit card companies. Enough is enough.

I'm just throwing this in as free advertisment,

I recommend the Dave Ramsey show and his preaching of pay off the credit cards and cut them up.

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