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How likely am i to get a mortgage

how likely am i to get a mortgage


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As every lender has their own criteria it is difficult for anyone other than the lender themselves to say whether you would be accepted. Your credit score is above the UK average of 750 and if you have no adverse information your report itself should not have any negative impact on your ability to gain a mortgage. It may be worth speaking to your credit analyst about your report in case they see any specific information that could cause an issue, as I am unable to see your report.

However, lenders are increasingly looking at other outstanding debts and monies owed and will take this into account when assessing the affordability of the loan, as well as taking other information such as salary and other outgoings into account. In regards to the arrangement with your

friend, I would recommend speaking to your mortgage provider but ultimately if your friend decided to stop paying or was unable to pay the loan you would be responsible for the debt and therefore I would imagine that they would take this into account. If the mortgage is joint they will also look at the same things in regards to your partner and make a decision based on all of these factors.

So in terms of your score itself you shouldn't have any particular concern but I would advise speaking to a mortgage broker regarding the other debts and whether they will impact negatively on your mortgage application, as well as double checking with your credit analyst on your credit report.

I hope that this helps and good luck with your application.


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