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How long are college credits good

how long are college credits good

Student FAQ

How do the UESP advisors help me find a major?

Advisors can work you through different ways of achieving your goals, finding a major that fits your interests and your skills. It is very important that you try to establish a relationship with your advisor. The more you get to know them, the more they will get to know you and your interests. That is a great benefit as your advisor may be able to direct you towards some coursework that you will particularly enjoy. Also, your advisor:

  • may recommend exploratory courses for the areas you are considering.
  • may discuss various resources available to help you through the decision making process.
  • may recommend ALS 114 - Career Decision Making.

Who is my advisor, and will I always see the same advisor every term?

You are randomly assigned to one of the UESP advisors - it may be the person you meet with during START (the summer orientation program) or it may be the person you meet with Fall Term. We make every effort to schedule you an appointment with the same person each term, but due to differences in your schedule and your advisor's schedule each term, that can often be difficult. Check the full time advisor list or additional advisors list to see if you recognize your advisor's name.

Why do I have to see an advisor every term?

Your advisor is here as a resource for you. We believe it is important that you meet with an advisor each term so that you can discuss how your career exploration is going and work on finding classes to help you choose a major. At your regular advising appointment, you will be given a registration PIN, a number that you need to access the registration system by web or phone. Without your PIN you can't add or drop any classes, so it is important you come in to see your advisor prior to the day you are able to register.

Also, going in every term helps you and your advisor get to know each other. Your advisor is a person who is willing and able to assist you beyond just planning a schedule. He/she can help out with academic problems, give you information on campus resources and extracurricular activities and just be someone to talk to - whether you have a question about school, want to celebrate a success or need help with a problem.

How do I make an advising appointment?

Stop by 102 Waldo or call 737-8144 in order to make an appointment with a UESP advisor. It will be a quicker process if you know who your advisor is, so try to remember his/her name. Please note that we currently do not schedule appointments through e-mail. If you e-mail your advisor about scheduling, he/she is just going to suggest you stop by 102 Waldo or call our front desk.

What do I bring to my advising appointment?

At START you received a folder in which to keep all of your registration information. Bring that with you. Also, look through the Schedule of Classes and come up with some classes you might want to take next term. Most importantly, bring yourself and your ideas for how to proceed with your major exploration!

How long can I stay in UESP?

UESP does not impose a deadline on our students; we want you to go through the process of deciding on a major at the pace that is best for you. Many UESP students declare at the end of the first year or the beginning of the second year, but some declare as early as a couple weeks in to the term. It's all up to you. When you feel ready, declare. There is one limitation though, you can't graduate from OSU with a UESP major, so eventually you will need to choose a path.

How do I learn more about majors at OSU?

It's important that you know all the options available to you so check out this admissions web site for a comprehensive list of OSU majors. If you see some majors that you want to talk about further, feel free to make an appointment with your UESP advisor or meet with an advisor for the major you are interested in. Use the web to locate the department and learn about the requirements and possibilities for that major.

Should I finish my Bacc. Core classes before I declare a major?

The Baccalaureate Core is made up of 51 credits that every student needs to complete before graduating from OSU. However, it isn't always a good idea to only take those classes. Instead, you should be taking exploratory courses in different majors, or requirements for different majors you are considering. This way when you are ready to declare you aren't playing catch up and taking longer than necessary to finish.

I'm concerned that the major I'm considering won't lead to a good job?

Not all majors have obvious career paths to follow after you graduate from OSU. The following Career Development Center web site is a great resource to see some of the career possibilities open to students in various majors and the steps you can take now to reach those goals.

It is also important to realize that the skills you are gaining through your Bacc. Core classes at OSU are those you will be using once you get in to the working world. Some of these skills are mastering the ability to read and analyze information, thinking through theories and

ideas, and articulating your thoughts and findings to others. These skills can be learned in any major and will serve you well in any career you choose.

And believe it or not, not all students pursue careers in the majors they have been studying. Everyone is different and people change over the course of their lives. What is important is that you are taking courses you enjoy and learning valuable transferable skills along the way, and that you know How To Explore when the time may come for you to change career paths.

How do I transfer out of UESP to a declared major?

In order to declare a major, you must complete a Change of Undergraduate Academic Program Form and have it signed by the college in to which you are transferring (offices and phone numbers below). The forms are available at the Registrar's office, college advising offices, and the UESP office. The form is very easy to fill out, but each college has somewhat unique procedures and requirements for switching in -- consult the list below for more information:

Agricultural Sciences

  1. Go to the advising office for the major you want.
  2. After receiving advising and obtaining the Departmental Head Advisor's signature, take the form to Student Advancement Office in 208 Bexell for the College Head Advisor's signature stamp.
  3. There are no GPA restrictions for declaring a major except for Fisheries and Wildlife which requires a 2.0 GPA.
  4. If you know you want to be in the College of Agricultural Sciences, but you're not sure which major, go see the College Head Advisor in 208 Bexell.
  1. Interested students complete the online College of Business orienation session .
  2. Aftecompleting the online orientation, your eligibilty for entrance into the College of Business (122 Austin Hall) will be assessed (weeks 2, 6, and 10 are when orientation results are assessed).
  3. Need to complete certain core classes, with 2.5 GPA
  4. Business will not meet with non-Business majors during/around priority registration time.
  5. The School of Design & the Human Enviroment (DHE) is housed within the College of Business. "Declaring to Exlore" is a strong suggestion for any interested student. Apparel Design, Interior Design, and Graphic Design all require students maintain a minimum 2.50 for admission/continued enrollment in the program. Currently, Merchandising Mangagement only requires good standing (2.00), but that may shift with the adoption of a pro school model.

Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science

  1. To declare Earth Sceince (Geography, Geology, or Earth Systems Science) or Environmental Science, visit the CEOAS Advising Office in 104 Wilkinson Hall or use this link to schedule an appointment with a CEOAS advisor.

Education -- Double Degree Program -- Supplements your primary major which will come from one of the other colleges.

  1. To declare pre-Education, attend one of the Education Double Degree info sessions held at various times throughout the term. You can get confirmation of the dates and times for these sessions from the College of Education Student Services Office in Furman 104.
  2. Upon completion of prequisite courses and other requirements, students can then apply for Provisional status.
  1. Go to 151 Batcheller Hall to declare.
  2. Form can be completed by office staff, but it is recommended that you also meet with an advisor .
  3. Any student can declare pre-engineering
  1. Follow the information for "current OSU students in other majors. "
  2. Must have a 2.0 OSU cumulative GPA to declare.
  3. Must also be currently in Good Academic Standing to declare. Example, if a student has a 2.30 OSU cumulative GPA, but their record shows Academic Warning (individual term below 2.00 GPA), they will not be able to declare until they return to Good Standing.

Public Health and Human Sciences

  1. You will need to schedule an appointment with an advisor to complete paperwork and assess eligibility. Depending on the time of the term, this may be an individual appointment (weeks 1-5) or a group session (weeks 6-10). During the later weeks of a term, visit this site and follow the active link to sign up for a group Change of Major workshop, use it to sign up for a session.
  2. To schedule an individual change of major appointment (weeks 1-5) go to the Women's Building, room 105, to schedule an individual change of major appointment.
  3. Cumulative OSU GPA of 2.0 required to declare.
  4. PHHS limits when student can declare in spring term. They reserve this time to work with current students to plan for the subsequent year (usually weeks 6-10). For specifics, check our announcements sections or got to Milam 116 to find out when you are allowed to make the switch.
  1. Go to the College of Liberal Arts Student Services office in 213 Gilkey to declare.
  2. No GPA restrictions to declare, except for Liberal Studies – but to graduate may need to repeat any D’s in a major

a. To declare Liberal Studies, you must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA and you must submit a liberal studies plan of study for approval.

  1. No restrictions to declare
  2. A student should contact Chief/Primary Advisor wihtin the major for intake and initial signature
  3. Go to Kidder 128 for College Head Advisor signature to formally declare
  4. Please, Note: Pre-Pharmacy is housed with the College of Science

Where are the various advising/student services offices located? (links take you to the College home page)

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