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How long are college credits good for

how long are college credits good for

Well of course THEY took them, those shady for-profit online schools will tell you anything to get your money. A legitimate school probably would not have. I think you are going to be pretty disappointed and angry when you come out and realize the "education" you got there isn't worth anything and people will just laugh at you because you got taken advantage of like that.

Just Google search "Ashford University scam"

Disclaimer: I know this thread is old, but if I could find it during a random Google search, so can others. So, I'm going to respond to this erroneous post for the benefit of anyone who may come up on it after me.

Ashford University is not a "shady for-profit online school". It is a regionally accredited brick and mortar college that's been around since 1918. Excerpted from the Ashford University history page ( - broken link):

  • In 1918, Mount St. Clare College (MSC) was founded as a junior college by the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa.
  • In 1950 the College was first accredited by the North

    Central Association Colleges and Schools, and has since maintained that accreditation. (Emphasis mine)

  • In April 1979, MSC received approval to award baccalaureate degrees. (It became a senior college)
  • In December 2002, MSC became The Franciscan University and in May 2004 it conferred its first Master's degrees.
  • Bridgepoint Education, Inc. a higher education organization, acquired the institution in 2005, and its name was changed to Ashford University.

Although Ashford University now has an extensive online presence, it still has its traditional brick and mortar campus, with dorms and the whole nine. Furthermore, regional accreditation is not easy to get, and the standards to maintain that accreditation are not to be taken lightly.

If Ashford University was really a "shady for-profit college", it would have either been placed on accreditation probation or had its accreditation revoked. We know that it hasn't lost accreditation, and I couldn't find anything about the school being on accreditation probation at any point in time, recent or past.

A degree from Ashford University is legitimate and will get a person where they want to go.

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