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How long before credit improves

how long before credit improves

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We subscribe to the Transunion credit checking service. By the way, what's a PFD?

If you're looking at scores from TransUnion, your real scores may be quite different. Do your scores have the cheesy FICO gold seal on them? If not, you're looking at FAKO's. Looks like they just posted new stuff on the products screen here. You can do a one-time pull of all three FICO's here by using the new FICO® Credit Complete. It's pricey, though, almost $50, so you would want to Google FICO discount code or FICO promo code for savings. It will give you a code something like "FICO1234" which you would enter on the payment screen. They used to (as in yesterday!) have the same product, I think it was called FICO Deluxe, so they will probably honor any codes for that name. The FICO customer service people are good, so you might want to ask them. They're closed Sunday, though.

edit: my FAKO's are EQ 721

- TU 660 - EX 648. Look at my FICO's below --no correlation!

If you can only afford one or two FICO scores, go with EQ or TU, which have a simulator. You can sort of read between the lines on screens one and two, which give comparisons between your situation and ideals, and with what the sim says. FICO EX doesn't have this.

FICO scores aren't the be-all and end-all, but they're the ones that most lenders use. The problem with FAKO scores is that not only are they not very useful, the recommendations that come along with them can be downright dangerous to your real FICO's.

I agree with Lady_Scarlet, you need to get those collections cleaned up. Do a LOT of reading on these forums, and start with Credit Scoring 101. You can find the link at the top of the Understanding FICO Scoring board. Also look at Frequently Requested Threads. Good luck!

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