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How long can i receive unemployment benefits in ny

how long can i receive unemployment benefits in ny
  1. If the highest quarter is more than $4,000, the benefit rate is 1/26 of the average of the two highest quarters.
  2. If earnings during the high quarter are between $3,575 but less than $4,000, the benefit rate will be 1/26 of the highest quarter.
  3. If the higher quarter earnings are less than $3,575 then the benefit rate is 1/25 of the high quarter.

Starting January 1 st 2014, the new policy determines that the minimum weekly benefit rate is $68.

Weekly Benefit Rate

The weekly benefit rate is calculated based on the high calendar quarter wages. Calendar quarters are three-month periods beginning on January, April, July and October. The rate is applied to a quarter when the employer paid the wage, not when you earned them. The benefit rate is established according to the information provided to the New York Wage Reporting system by your former employers.

When your weekly benefit rate is determined, you will be notified and

a Monetary Determination will be sent to you. This letter will detail your base period information and the wages that were used to determine your entitlement. If you did not qualify for unemployment benefits, the Monetary Determination will show an explanation for the rejection. It will also advise if the data on your application needs to be modified or if it is missing.

The maximum weekly benefit rate in New York is $405. If you earn over this amount in any given week (regardless of the number of hours worked) you will not be eligible for benefits on that particular week.

Claims are valid for one year; this will be referred to as your benefit year. Your one-year period will begin the Monday following the week when you filed you benefits claim. You will be entitled to 26 weeks of benefits during this year. You may also be eligible for extended benefits. Extended benefits entitle you to additional weekly payments during periods of high unemployment rates.

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