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How long after a credit card purchase can you dispute it?

how long can you dispute a credit card charge

How long after a credit card purchase can you dispute it?

Hello, I am hoping to get opinions on a situation that just occurred yesterday. I sold an account for a popular online video game to another individual on June 9th, 2010. What this amounts to is an account and the specific information/data on the account that the user can use to play the game. There is no tangible goods involved. Payment was made via paypal and I'm lead to assume it was made via a credit card, though paypal does not provide information as to which one.

This account comes with security information involved that cannot be changed after it is created. I provided the buyer with this information upon sale. This is to prevent hackers or others from being able to permanently steal an account from the real user. Yesterday, November 19th, 2010, I received an email from the person I sold this account to and they claim I used the security information to steal the account

from them and that they were opening up a dispute with their credit card company to retrieve the money they paid. I obviously did not take the online account back and I feel they are simply trying to defraud me of money and keep the account.

Now the question I have is this even possible? The sale was made on June 9th and the account was in the buyer's possession on that day. It has been 164 days since the transaction and I feel this has to be past some time limit on the ability to dispute no matter what possible card was used.

Are there any steps I can take to possibly stop this fraudulent dispute? Also, what can I expect if this dispute goes through and what are the dispute time limits on goods. It seems impossible to me that someone can dispute a charge over 5 months and get away with it.

Thanks in advance for any possible help or information anyone can provide.

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