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How to buy a computer with bad credit?

how can i buy a computer with bad credit

How to buy a computer with bad credit?

Okay, so I want to get a new computer as my computer is running very slowly with the programs that I am using (3DS Max, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.) and I need to get a new one immediately as I am not able to go to college at this time and this to me is a natural talent which is highly profitable if done right.

I am 20 years old with no credit history, or so I think. I really don't know a whole lot about how credit and so on really works, hence why I am here. I have 1 medical bill I am paying off that's only like $100, I owe $200 to Sprint for a cancellation fee (long story) and like $60 to Chase bank for an overdraft fee that was bull**** anyways because it was a double fee for buying a Beef N' Cheddar from Arby's then a cup of Cheddar Cheese immediately afterwards (2x$30) That's my debt history lol

Anyways. this computer I need is going to run me $2400, shipping included. It's all parts, I'm building it by hand and to my needs. I already

know that I can get approved for a $300-$500 limit card but obviously that is pointless as if I just wanted to build my credit I would just do it but I need this NOW. lol

I know I might sound demanding but I'm sick of this computer. Constant problems. I just need it to be a $2500 limit, buy what I need. and improve my bad credit from there.

I've also heard before of where you apply for multiple cards ($500 limit most likely in my case) then transfer them or something onto one card or make separate purchases with the different cards. I can afford payments. not an issue. I already calculated that if I spent $2500 with a 25% APR I could pay it off in a year with my income, no problem.

Pleaseeee, if anybody has RELEVANT information it would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, please don't give me some "improve your credit over x amount of months/years and you can be approved for more! " I don't need that. it's obvious to any moron that you can improve credit over time. Thanks again to anyone who can help.

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