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Denied a Credit Card? How Long You Should Wait to Apply Again

Denied a Credit Card? How Long You Should Wait to Apply Again

Mike Randall • 10/9/14

If you’ve recently been turned down on a credit card application, you may be feeling a little hopeless.

Don’t worry. The reason for your denial could depend on many factors.

The truth is credit card companies depend on a lot of variables when it comes to making their card approval decisions.

There are certain issues that have more to do with the calendar than with your actual credit history. How long should you wait before reapplying?

While most credit card companies and credit advisers recommend a six-month period before reapplying, this is an arbitrary number. In fact, many companies offer credit cards for people with bad credit .

What really matters when reapplying may come down to a few simple questions.

Was the reason given for the denial based upon:

  • Too many recent hard inquiries
  • Credit score too low
  • Utilization too high
  • Credit history too recent
  • Delinquencies in the recent past

If you’ve been denied for any of these reasons or others, there are a few things for you to consider.

Depending on your specific situation, you may have to wait a few weeks or a few months. In the meantime, here are some things you can do to improve your odds of getting approved.

Tip #1:

If you’ve recently applied for a lot of cards or had inquiries due to a mortgage or other loan application process, this may have impacted your credit card application.

In this case, wait for up to three months before reapplying. By this time, the hard inquiries would have faded from your credit report .

"There is no sense in waiting without

taking matters into your own hands."

Tip #2:

If you were denied a credit card due to your credit score being too low, there are things you can do to improve your score.

Apps such as the app by, the government mandated free credit report website, help you track your credit score automatically.

Tip #3:

The credit reporting agencies use your credit utilization ratio to determine your creditworthiness.

If your ratio is too high, try consolidating some of your balances onto other higher balance cards. You can also try to quickly pay down some of your balances to lower your utilization ratio.

Tip #4:

If your credit history is too recent, the credit reporting agencies may not give you a high enough score to qualify you for the card you want.

However, waiting for six months may not be necessary. Try contacting the customer service branch of the card company and asking what their policy is on credit history.

Tip #5:

If you’ve had delinquencies in the recent past, you should make an effort to address them within your credit report.

Everyone is allowed to insert a letter of explanation into their credit report, which is then sent to any potential creditor upon request of the report.

Using these methods could get you approved for a credit card faster than you might think. There is no sense in waiting for six months without taking matters into your own hands.

Follow these tips to do what your situation dictates, and you may find yourself with that coveted card in no time.

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