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How Long Does A Credit Card Application Take To Process?

how long does a credit card application take

Written by Amy Bradney-George and posted on December 6, 2013

The credit card application process is getting faster and faster, with most online application outcomes available within a few minutes of when you hit “submit”.

Applying for a new credit card can be broken down into three different sections:

1. Filling out the application,

2. Receiving an “instant” application outcome; and

3. Receiving and activating your credit card.

The first of these, filling out the credit card application, should take about 10 minutes online.

It gets the ball rolling on your application and makes the whole thing a lot quicker and easier if you have all of the required details on hand, such as your personal details, income and other assets or financial responsibilities.

Applying for a credit card online is typically the fastest option, with a conditional outcome presented within 60 seconds of when you finish filling out the online application and hit the “submit” or “send” button.

After that, it should take the issuer 5-10 business days to send out your credit card, PIN and activation pack.

Some credit card issuers may also call you after you have been approved online and verify certain details, before sending out the card, while others may simply require you to visit a branch once your credit card arrives so that you can activate it.

Considering the time needed for all of these steps, generally the entire credit card application will take as little as five

days or as long as 10 business days to process from start to finish.

That means if you applied for a credit card right now, you could have it within a fortnight, assuming it was all approved.

What Can Slow Down A Credit Card Application Process?

There are a number of factors that could hold up your credit card application process. The first, and most important, is if the issuer cannot verify all of the details you list on your application.

If you have accidentally provided the wrong address, incorrect employment details or Australian residency status, for example, the issuer may not be able to properly assess your application.

When that is the case, you may get a notification suggesting you contact them directly to resolve any issues.

There are also external factors that could slow down your application, such as a high number of other people applying for credit cards, or postal issues that are out of the control of you or the issuer.

But if you feel that your application is taking too long at any stage, you can always contact the issuer.

Take note of the details provided when you submit your application and refer back to them when you talk to the issuer, so that they can look into it and let you know how long the application will take to process.

That way you will be able to get your credit card as quickly and easily as possible whenever you apply.

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