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How Long Does the Remortgage Processs Take?

how long does a mortgage offer last

Remortgaging is not generally a lengthy process. In normal cases you should have your remortgage deal sorted out and in place within a month and sometimes even in a matter of days.


How long the process of remortgaging takes will depend on your own particular case, on the details of your current mortgage, the property on which these mortgages are being secured, and on the details of your new mortgage.


In some case the new lender will carry out a valuation on your property, which can slow the process down a little, but normally not by much. Similarly, some of the legal processes involved can be a little slow moving, but unless some unexpected complication crops up, the whole thing should be over within a couple of weeks or so.

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If you’re remortgaging with the same lender that your current mortgage deal is with, the process may naturally be faster, as there are fewer steps involved given that you are already one of their mortgage customers, and that the property is already known to them in this regard.


Some of the online lenders are said to process remortgages faster than the

more traditional routes, however you should check the terms of these thoroughly and make sure you know exactly what any remortgage will entail.


Although you may find it frustrating to wait, particularly if you’re remortgaging because you need to acquire a sum of funds, you should always take the time to check the market out thoroughly, making sure you get the best of the available deals. You should also make sure you understand the terms of any deal you’re considering before agreeing to it. Try to resist jumping at any offers you see without first doing your sums.


You can use the remortgage calculators that are available online to help you to compare remortgage deals relatively quickly and easily, so you can do your homework without it taking vast amounts of time.


As with any financial decision, particularly borrowing that is secured against your home, you should take the time to think about the choice, as well as exploring and comparing it to the other choices that may be available to you. After all, if you’re feeling stressed because of financial pressures, the last thing you need is to take a decision that ends up making things even worse.

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