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How can i check my credit score in canada

how can i check my credit score in canada

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By Mail

To request a credit report by mail, TransUnion and Equifax require the consumer to download, fill out and mail in a form. TransUnion uses the Consumer Disclosure form and Equifax uses the Canadian Credit Report Request form, both of which are located on their respective websites. Along with the form, the consumer sends in two photocopies of both sides of two pieces of identification such as a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, Social Insurance number or utility or credit card bill.

Over the Phone and in-Person

A consumer can call TransUnion to request that the company mail him a copy of the Consumer Disclosure form to mail back in. Equifax allows consumers

to submit all necessary information over the phone and then mails the credit report to the consumer. TransUnion also provides free credit reports in person through a Canadian TransUnion office. At the office, the consumer fills out the Consumer Disclosure form and provides two pieces of identification.


Both credit reporting companies provide online credit reports with immediate access, but both charge for the service. As of the time of publication, Equifax charges $15.50 for the online credit report and $23.95 for both the report and the credit score. If applying by mail, Equifax charges $11.95 for the credit score to be included in the mailed report. TransUnion’s online credit report is $14.95, while the report and score are $22.90.

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