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Forever Comfy Review: How long does it take to get approval on a credit card?

How long does it take to get approval on a credit card?

Last Updated On: May 26, 2015

Filed On: December 3, 2012

By: Carol

Tried to order forever comfy pads in October.

Checked back with company after not getting pads in time for Thanksgiving. I am told my credit card did not go thru. Used another card (both cards were good).

Bleckley County Sheriff


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Forever Ripped off!

I ordered 4 Forever Comfy Pillows…..They added on 7 extra items. I paid $199.00 for products including things I did.


My mom was diagnosed with ALS a few weeks ago & due to her illness she must sit for long.

No comfy pillow

i payed for 4 of them 75. and as of 1- 19 -13 it was ordered in oct of 20012.

Forever comfy website uses bait and switch tactics word to the wise “do not order”

Ordered forever comfy for supposed

$19.95 with five dollars off and what one would think would have cost only $19.95.

These cushions are not comfortable at all

These cushions are not comfortable at all…they give you a so called deal of doubling your order and of course.

Should Be “Forever Scamming”

Similar to the complaints already here, I tried to order the Buy one get one. Just pay shipping and handling.

Comfy Crap

bought this yesterday. solid out of box. went flat after 1 day

Forever Comfy are thieves

This Company is a total fraud. They prey on the elderly. They phone solicit and confuse people into buying crap.

Poor Pillow

I ordered 2 Comfy Pillows and received a bill for $119.90. I immediately called the company and requested cancellation of.

Don’t by a forever comfy.

I injured my back and hips several years ago. I started sitting on inflatable donut cushion. I had really good.

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