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How can i clean my credit

how can i clean my credit

CLEAN MY CREDIT FILE is an Australian and operated company specialising in the repairs & removal of disputable & contestable listings on the credit file of individuals and corporations. We offer clients our wealth of credit history repair expertise in Australia and New Zealand.


We have helped many people restore their credit file by removing court default listings. Before we agree to take on any client we will assess your situation. Our service may take up to 6 months or longer in cases that defaults or court judgements have been listed by Banks or Financial institutions. Our fee's on our web site are based on standard defaults & judgements by Utility and Telecommunication company's, Body Corporates, City Councils and other industries excluding Banks & Financial institutions listings on your credit file.

Clean My Credit File can assist with the removal of Late Payement Listings, settled or paid Defaults, Judgements, Clear-outs, Cross Files, Disputed and fraudulent entries. Our staff backgrounds are from legal, financial services and collection industries.

Clean My Credit File is fully conversant with all aspects of legislation and current legal requirements, and has a proven legal administrative process to successfully remove all settled or paid judgements, and all settled or paid default listings from any credit file in Australia & New Zealand.

The implications of an adverse listing on a Credit File are severe - loan applications may be refused, or an interest rate significantly above the standard rate in the market place may be imposed. All adverse listings stay on a Credit File for upto 5 to 7 years.

You are not alone - there are over 15 million registered credit files in Australia. These contain over 4 million negative listings. (Source: Veda Advantage - November 2008)


STEP 1: You download, sign and complete our Application Form and Privacy Authority Form and email or fax to our office. Upon acceptance of your file and our fee's paid in full as per our agreement we will contact you. Make your fee payment via instructions on the download Application Form via our Australian Bank account. We request you provide attached to your application form sent via email or fax a current copy of your Veda credit file.

Download our Service Agreement from the home page of this web site, and download the Privacy Authority Form from our Privacy page on this web site.

STEP 2: Upon receiving payment and acceptance of your file for service, we will email or post your paid in full Tax Invoice receipt.

STEP 3: We will commence our legal administrative process of removing bad credit issues from your Veda Advantage and Dun & Bradstreet credit file.

STEP 4: We will confirm removal with you of all updates on your credit file with Veda Advantage and Dun & Bradstreet upon completion - in most case within 28 days. Our service may take up to 6 months or longer in cases that defaults or court judgements have been listed by Banks or Financial institutions.

STEP 5: Once we have completed our service, Veda Advantage will automatically provide you with a free updated copy of your credit report.

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