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how long does tax credit claim take
What do you do?

We specialize in all the processes involved with the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) applications. Our clients are Canadian taxpayers who have  disabilities  that may qualify them to receive substantial refunds via the DTC and related programs.

How long does it take?

The majority of our clients receive money less than 120 days after their claim is filed.

How do I get the money? How does it come to me?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will generally deposit the funds directly into your bank account, however you can choose to receive a physical cheque if you prefer.

Do I get the money all at once or in instalments?

Generally you will receive your money in 2-3 instalments.

Does the severity of my symptoms impact how much I can receive?

No, once you are deemed eligible for the DTC, the amount the government allocates for each tax year is the same for everyone regardless of the disability. The actual size of your refund, however can vary greatly based on other factors such as age, province of residence, marital status, your overall tax situation and the number of years in which you qualify for the DTC. We will thoroughly analyze every angle of your claim to ensure you receive the maximum available to you.

Are there any restrictions on how the money can be spent?

No. The government wants Canadians living with disabilities to enjoy a similar lifestyle to those living without 

disabilities. They recognize that a disability can be financially taxing so they grant these funds to help alleviate the additional expenses. However, what you do with the funds is up to you – you can purchased specialized medical equipment, pay off debt or take that long deserved vacation.

Is my information secure?

The  National Benefit Authority  (NBA) treats your privacy with the utmost respect. You can be confident your information will not be compromised or mistreated in any way. You can review our privacy policy here .

Why didn’t my accountant tell me I qualify for so much money?

Although your accountant or tax preparation firm may be aware of the Disability Tax Credit, they do not participate in the actual approval process. At the NBA we specialize in all the medical and financial aspects of the DTC and we are directly involved in every stage of the application. We have the experience and knowledge that gives you the best opportunity for a successful claim.

What about my doctor, how come he never told me I qualify?

Doctors are there to help you physically – finances and taxes are not their area of expertise.

You can, however applying on your own may result in an increased likelihood of rejection and even if accepted the amounts received may be far less than what you actually deserve. To ensure you give yourself the best chance of success let the experts at the National Benefit Authority work on your behalf.

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