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How long does tax credits take

how long does tax credits take

Hello to everyone! Came across this site last week and have to say that its great!

Any advice that anybody can give me on this matter would be much appreciated!

I have 2 children of my own, who i recieve tax credits for. I am also responsible for my sister-in-law whos 15, and my step-daughter whos 4.

My step-daughter has lived with myself and my partner since August 2008. When she moved in I added her to my tax credit details and was recieving a child tax credit payment for her.

In April 2009 tax credits stopped paying us for my step-daughter. At first the call centre staff couldnt tell me why. I rang and rang and got no response.

My step daughters social worker came to my home and made a call to tax credits on my behalf, and asked them what was going on. They told our social worker that we had not proved our step daughter lived here.

A residence order and headed letter from my local authority(social services) were forwarded on to tax credit and we recieved payments for August, September and October 2009. Then mid October 2009 my step daughters tax credit was stopped again.

I telephoned the helpline to find out why. I hadn't been informed they were going to stop the payments. They didn't know why! I wrote a letter off complaint against the decision to

stop my step-daughters tax credit. In december 2009 I recieved a letter from them to say my appeal had been recieved and that I would hear back from them by April 7 2010.

April 7 2010 came and went, and i telephoned them 2 weeks after this date, they told me on the phone that the date they gave me was an estimated date and they can take as long as they want with an appeal.

I dont know what i can do to resolve this. We have proved several times over that my step daughter lives with us, and i have recieved child benefit for her since she moved in with us.

As well as this they are taking money out of my tax credit award for the other 3 children on a weekly basis, i have been told this is to repay the money that they 'wrongfully' payed me for my step daughter.

What an i do in this position?

Does anybody know if there is a legal time limit they have to deal with appeals?

Is it possible to have the deductions stopped? They are taking пїЅ38 a week!

Thanks for reading my little rant! Any advice or information would be appreciated, i hope that when i come through this mess i will be in a position to help others that are going through the same if not worse!

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