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Unemployment Benefits Contact Information for Claimants

how long is unemployment benefits in texas

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Online Services & Information

Internet service is generally faster than calling an unemployment benefits Tele-Center.

  • Unemployment Benefits Services at
    • Estimate potential benefits
    • Apply for benefits
    • Request payment
    • Check claim status and payment history
    • View Appeal Status
    • Update your mailing address
    • View IRS 1099-G information
    • Change payment options
    • Download a work search log
  • - Register for job search assistance and use TWC 's online job resource.
  • Unemployment Benefits Information - Find information about applying for unemployment benefits and answers

    to frequently asked questions.

  • Get information on how to appeal an unemployment benefits decision for claimants and employers .

Debit Card & Direct Deposit Information

  • Debit Card FAQ - Find answers to questions about the TWC UI debit card.
  • Chase Bank - Get account information about your UI debit card on the Chase website or call 866-865-1273.
  • Direct Deposit FAQ - Find out how direct deposit works and how to set up direct deposit for your benefits.

Tele-Center Phone Number & Hours

Tele-Serv Phone Number & Hours

Benefit Overpayment Collections Unit

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