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How long to update credit score

how long to update credit score


First of all there are two types of scores you can buy (or get as part of a credit monitoring package like me).

FICO are the so-called "offical" scores and only available through myfico and equifax. I have the other type from Citi..which are estimates.

I think the primary problem here is you don't understand a few things. Even if you paid high-dollar and got the offical scores..they won't match the ones the morgage companies or banks come up with. Why? I'll tell you.

Each lender has their own method of determining those numbers. It is not uncommon for company A and B to pull the same exact report. and come up numbers that are 100-150 points different. They weigh different factors differently. hence. it will always be different.

Even though you can file a complaint

with a bureau..some only remove the line that is being investigated while it's being investigated. and if the investigation finds against you..puts it back.

Also..are you sure the company that put this info on the report didn't just put it back? They do that all the time. Crap One..even re-age the line and make it look as if it's brand new.'s your job to make sure the data on your reports are accurate. I used to think pulling twice a year was enough..not so now. I pull Equifax (my primary bureau) as often as I feel like it ($10/month..who cares?) and the other two every month.

All three are being monitored by two different services as well. for changes. Equifax clearly showed me these so-called we-monitor-all-three simply do not efficiently.

Bryon H · 8 years ago

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