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How can I earn Credits on IMVU?

To show our appreciation and to thank you for helping IMVU grow, we have introduced a series of programs that allow users to earn IMVU just for completing a Partner Offer, viewing funny and original ads, or inviting your friends to join our community.

Completing a Partner Offer - earn up to thousands of credits per offer. Offers are updated frequently, so please check back often if you don't immediately see something you like. Click here to view the current offers

Viewing funny and original ads here – each ad viewed (and the correct answer supplied) is worth an entry into the daily lucky draw.

There's a 25,000 IMVU Credits grand prize !each day!) and numerous other smaller prizes for a total of 50,000 credits! You can see how many entries and your total winnings on that page – look for the "View Daily Winners" link.

Inviting a friend, you can earn up to 1,500 predits for each friend who registers and chats:*

When an invited friend registers AND logs in you can earn 500 predits

When an invited friend has their 1st chat you can earn 500 predits

When an invited friend has their 5th chat you can earn another 500 predits

When they buy credits you earn between 1,000 and 10,000

credits every time they buy a pack or avatar name!

By using our Power Earner program**, you can earn even more predits by promoting IMVU Credits to your friends the same way professional marketers do - with email, banner ads, and network instant messaging. When they register, chat, and enjoying the other benefits associated with being a member of IMVU Credits. you get rewarded!

The following activities will earn you either free "credits" or free "promotional credits" (“predits”):

When you register with IMVU Credits you start with 1,000 free predits in your account.

When you have your 1st chat you earn 50 predits. (The person that you first chat with also earns predits)

When you browse our new products page you earn an amount between 1 and 50 predits. This is awarded once daily.

To prevent fraud, we have recently installed a filter that prevents referral credits being given if the IP Address of the sender and receiver (of the invite) are the same. We realize that this may adversely affect those families, friends, or classmates who share the same computer terminal, and for this we greatly apologize, and hope to have a solution in place by June 09 that addresses this.

The Power Earner program is being re-vamped to provide more value to these key members of the IMVU Credits community. Please stay tuned for more updates and an exciting new program!

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