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How many act 48 credits do i need

how many act 48 credits do i need

Act 48 Reporting

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Report Course Work

Every five years, educators must complete either:

  • Six college credits (graduate or undergraduate)
  • Six credits of continuing professional education courses (available through Intermediate Units)
  • 180 hours of continuing professional education programs, activities, or learning experiences (i.e. noncredit programs)
  • Any combination of credits or activity hours that equal 180 hours (each credit equals 30 hours)

Penn State is an Act 48 Approved Provider

Penn State University is an approved provider for both credit courses and noncredit programs. Our diverse offerings, locations, and delivery modes will help you meet Act 48 requirements while satisfying your learning and lifestyle needs.The University serves many educators across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These students are enrolling in

many diverse courses offered by Penn State, ranging from workshops to in-class instruction. Many of these courses are offered for college credit. Other courses do not qualify for college credit, but may qualify for Act 48 development.

You can view your Act 48 continuing education progress and obtain more detailed information on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.

Credit courses that were completed after January 1, 2000 and noncredit programs that were attended after June 1, 2000 are eligible for meeting Act 48 requirements, if taken from an approved provider. Only courses taken after you have been certified will qualify to fulfill Act 48 requirements. To ensure that a particular course or program will meet Act 48 requirements for you, please check with your school employer or if you are not currently employed as an educator in Pennsylvania, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) .

What Penn State Courses and Programs are Available?

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