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How many college credits

how many college credits

Transferring Your College Credits

Students may transfer up to 135 quarter credits to CWU, with a maximum of 105 credits from lower division (100-200 level) courses. In general, CWU will accept credits earned at other accredited institutions.

Courses equivalent to CWU courses will transfer directly.

Other courses that are not exact CWU equivalents may also transfer, but they may only count as general elective credits. However, each academic department at CWU has the authority to approve courses from other schools that are not exact CWU equivalents. In those cases, it is best to communicate directly with your specific academic department to have those types of course substitutions approved.

The following credits will not transfer:

  • College courses numbered below 100 level
  • Developmental

    education or remedial courses

  • English as a Second Language courses
  • Courses specific to one religion
  • Credit for life experience

Once you have accumulated 100 credits or more at CWU you will be required to declare a major or premajor program. If you have not declared a major, you will be given last priority for early registration.

Since many academic departments require you to apply for acceptance into their program, you should contact your specific academic department to learn how to apply for acceptance.

You will receive an official transfer credit evaluation after you have been formally admitted to CWU.

To determine how your credits will transfer  before being admitted to CWU you may request a credit evaluation  through the Registrar's office.

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