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How many college credits is full time

how many college credits is full time

Full-Time Enrollment Requirements

To maintain visa status, F-1 students must be enrolled in and actively participating in at least 12 credits each fall and spring semester. Keep the following in mind to ensure full-time enrollment:

  • Any “non-degree” skill-building or remedial English or math credits will be counted towards full-time enrollment.
  • At least 9 of the 12 credits must be “in person” courses with the instructor. There is a limit of only 3 online credits per semester, unless you are enrolling in more than 12 credits total.
  • Enrollment alone is not sufficient to maintain valid visa status; active participation for the duration of the course is required, as well as making satisfactory academic progress by primarily obtaining passing grades.

Taking fewer than 12 credits without obtaining prior authorization from CIE will result in a visa violation and loss of legal F-1 visa status. A Reduced Course Load Authorization must be granted before enrolling in fewer than 12 credits. Approximately one week after the semester begins a precautionary hold will be placed on F-1 student accounts to prevent dropping classes without CIE approval. After the hold is in place,

simply contact CIE’s International Student Services to request permission to drop a class.

Warning: Visa Violation Likely for Poor Class Attendance!

Active participation for the duration of the course is required. Students who do not attend regularly, stop attending, or never attend a class may be given a grade of “N” (“Non-Attendance”). This results in withdrawal from the class and could result in loss of legal F-1 visa status if the withdrawal causes less than 12 credits of enrollment. Solution: attend class regularly and for the entire duration of the class!

Need Help?

Madison College offers a variety of services to help students succeed, including:

  • Many forms of tutoring services to suit individual preferences and needs,
  • Writing Centers for assistance with reviewing and critiquing essays and other written assignments,
  • Academic advising to ensure appropriate course selections and compatible class schedules,
  • Personal counseling to help students cope with stress or develop effective time-management skills.
  • Career advising to help students determine what program of study best suits their interests and abilities.
  • International Student Services for visa advising and cultural, social or academic acclimation assistance.

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