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I Have Bad Credit. Can I Get Car Finance?

If you have a bad credit score or have been refused credit before, no problem. The Car Loan Warehouse can help find a solution using their bad credit car finance options.  Providing suitable bad credit car finance. we base lending on whether you can afford the repayments now, not on your poor credit score from the past.

Talking about previous financial difficulties is sometimes uncomfortable. Our small, friendly and professional team (no call centre) is dedicated to understanding your unfortunate financial position and is qualified to give the impartial advice you need.

So, if you have poor credit history, The Car Loan Warehouse is a fast and easy way to get your car loan approved and buy your new wheels with no deposit.

Who can we help?

A large proportion of our customers have experienced hard times in the past and have had different reasons for getting behind with loan payments or rent. Whether it be unemployment or sickness our friendly finance advisers will not judge you, so don’t let the bad credit history of your past affect your future and apply today!

Very common problems that we can overcome.

    Missed Payments / Defaults.   Nothing unusual but can prompt banks or

    high street lenders to say no. The lenders that we work with will look at your income and expenditure and judge you on your current circumstances and can provide bad credit car finance with no deposit at reasonable interest rates.

CCJs :     Providing your County Court Judgement is not too recent our lenders are happy to help you obtain a car loan.

IVA :         We can still accept your car finance application if you are under an Individual Voluntary Agreement as long as you can get a letter from your insolvency practitioner to give their permission for you to obtain a loan.

How much will arranging car finance cost?

We charge no fees!

Whilst arranging car finance. we do not charge for our services.

Often people having a bad credit history and looking for car finance will be turned away or charged ridiculously high interest rates.

Being registered with the FLA (Finance & Leasing Association)  and the OFT (Office of Fair Trading). The Car Loan Warehouse is equipped and authorised to provide sensible financial advice and to arrange affordable car loans. no deposit required, for customers with poor credit histories.

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