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how many credits to be a sophomore

Due to the nature of seminar style learning, attendance becomes even more crucial. Four absences in a course that meets twice a week results in a one letter grade reduction for the course. More than four absences results in receiving a failing grade for the course. Some exceptions apply for extenuating circumstances such as: an extended illness requiring hospitalization or visit to a physician (documentation required) a family emergency, e.g. serious illness (with written explanation) observance of a religious holiday.

Please note that some courses may have more stringent attendance policies due to course schedule (half-semester classes, classes meeting once a week) or based on the course assignments (labs, workshops, studios). It is essential that students keep in contact with their professors and review the syllabus for specific attendance policies for a course. Note: Tardiness can count as an absence.

A student would need to complete a First Year Writing Waiver form and provide a copy of the syllabus and/or course description to be evaluated to determine if it fulfills the First Year Writing requirement. Keep in mind, depending on what a student has completed, it may be deemed that he/she is exempt from one semester but required to complete a second semester of Writing the Essay. Please click here for instructions.

Credit can be given for scores of 4 & 5 in liberal arts subjects. However, AP scores do not exempt students from ANY required courses unless approved by a department chair.

Eight credits are given for scores of 5,6,7 on the Higher Level, but we do not grant credit for Standard Level scores.

120 credits are needed to graduate, but making sure that all major and university course requirements are met within those credits. In the120 credits students must have at least 90 liberal arts credits and students cannot apply more than 30 non-liberal arts credits towards their degree.

A Bursars Hold is put on an account if a student has a balance on their bill.

An Immunization Hold is put on an account when the Health Services department has not received a copy of a student’s immunization records including the meningitis section of the immunization form.

A Records Hold is put on an account by the Registrar when a student’s high school transcript indicating date of graduation has not been received.

Until a hold is resolved, the student will be prevented from registering. To resolve a hold, contact the office associated

with the hold and arrange to submit the required documentation, information, or payment.

In order to remain in good academic standing a student must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. If the GPA drops below this, the student will be put on academic probation which involves academic interventions such as regular meetings with an advisor and may affect his/her financial aid. Keep in mind that different standards may apply in relation to scholarships that have been received.

It is the Course Registration Number, which is a unique 4 digit number that is used to register for a specific section of a course in a specific semester.

There are deadlines for adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses:

Courses can be added online during the first week of school without the teacher's permission. Students are strongly encouraged to do all their adding and dropping during the first week of classes in collaboration with the Faculty Advisor.

During the second week of classes a course can only be added with the teacher's permission. There is no guarantee that the professor will grant permission to join the class during this period, so do not rely on this option.

The 3rd week of the semester is the last opportunity to drop a course without it affecting your record.

After the 3rd week of the semester, students are required to meet with their advisor in order to withdraw from a course.

The 7th week of the semester is the last opportunity to withdraw from a class without a failing grade. A grade of W will be recorded, which will not affect GPA but will appear on your transcript.

Dropping a course after the 7th week of classes will result in a grade of WF being recorded, which is considered a failing grade and will be calculated as such for GPA.

Deadline dates for adding and dropping courses are published for each semester in the Registrar's academic calendar .

When reviewing a course schedule, you will see a combination of letters or a single letter before the time of day, which will indicated that the class is meeting Monday (M), Tuesday (T), Wednesday (W), Thursday (R), or Friday (F). Most Lang classes meet twice weekly, on Monday and Wednesday (denoted as MW) or Tuesday and Thursday (denoted as TR).

Intro to Psych |6452 |LPSY 2605 |A |MW 4:00-5:40pm

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