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1. What is the UT K-16 Education Center?

The UT K-16 Education Center (formerly the Distance Education Center) is a unit in Continuing Education at the University of Texas at Austin. It oversees programs such as LUCHA, the migrant student program, the UT Testing Center, and the UT High School Program. Additionally, the UT K-16 Education Center writes the curriculum for the distance education courses as well as the Credit by Examinations. These courses and exams are available to students who want to accelerate and/or recover credit.

2. What is The University of Texas High School? How is it different from the virtual school? How is it different from being home-schooled?

The University of Texas High School (UTHS) is a state-approved high school program that offers students the opportunity to earn state credit and an accredited diploma from home. All coursework is done by the student working independently from a home computer. Students enrolled in the UTHS cannot be enrolled in another school as the UTHS would be the school of record.

The virtual school is for school districts, not individuals. School districts may purchase a site license to provide online course options for their students.

The UTHS is sometimes confused with being home-schooled, as students in the UTHS program are doing their coursework from home. The difference, though, is that students enrolled in the UTHS Program are in a school with approval, a school with a Texas district number and a college board code. A UTHS Program student works on courses at home, but it is not home-schooling.

Students in the UTHS must complete Texas graduation requirements including passing the exit-level TAKS exams or STAAR End of Course Exams..

3. Is the UTHS approved?

Yes, in 1998 the UTHS was authorized by the Texas State Board of Education to provide a high school curriculum and to award diplomas.

Any student that has successfully completed the 8th grade may enroll in the UTHS. If you were home-schooled for the 8th grade, you must pass 8th grade Credit by Exams in order to demonstrate 8th grade proficiency. (See CBE section below for more information.) For students who have been out of school for many years, contact the UTHS for more information.

You can still enroll in the UTHS if you live

in another state or country.

No. As we are not a public school, students over the age of 21 can enroll in our school. We have had students in their thirties and forties enroll to complete their diplomas.

8. What type of students are successful?

Students are successful if they are able to work independently and are self-motivated. Additionally, successful students adhere to a schedule/timeline they create that coincides with the time allotted for completing the course. Successful students are committed to devoting time and effort to the course(s).

9. What is the difference between the UTHS and a Texas public school?

Public schools are publicly funded based on daily attendance. We do not receive any public money, but rather, are funded through the course tuition that students pay. Since we are not a public school, students over the age of 21 can register – so, too, can students from other cities, states, and countries.

The UTHS is similar to Texas public schools in that students must satisfy the same graduation requirements (number of credits, courses, TAKS exit-level tests or STAAR End of Course Exams) before a diploma can be issued.

10. How do I enroll in the UTHS?

We need three things in order for you to begin: completed enrollment form, high school transcripts (or final 8th grade report card in the case of new ninth graders), and an enrollment fee. These items may be sent by mail, email or FAX to UTHS; you cannot submit the UTHS enrollment form online. (Mailing address and FAX number are on the enrollment form.) There is also a place on the enrollment form to write in your credit card information.

11. How will I know if I am accepted?

If you are ready to begin the UTHS Program and have completed the 8th grade, you will be accepted once you have submitted an enrollment form, transcript, and registration fee. There is no reason a student would not be accepted.

12. Once I have submitted the enrollment form and transcript, what happens next?

Once you have submitted the three things for enrollment (see #10 above), we will create a personal graduation plan for you. We will email and mail you this graduation plan – and letter of acceptance – within one week.

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