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Open up your E-business to the infinity of cards

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Friendly Start:

Quick and easy online application simplifies the set-up. Only ONE contract to sign with ZERO set-up fees. You'll get everything from one hands - Cardinity

Friendly Pricing:

0.25 EUR + 2.4% per successful charge (or less depending on turnover). There's no weekly or monthly fees! Pay only when you make sales

Friendly Approach:

Flexible and customized solutions for every client, big or small. Open to every e-merchant, “low risk” or “high risk”

Friendly Process:

Operating as both a payment gateway and an acquiring bank, Cardinity is your one stop shop for the whole payment processing cycle.

How the Service Can be Ordered?

You can order Cardinity by contacting us at +370 6444 6667 or You can also fill out the registration form. The set-up procedure will take not more than a couple of days. As soon as the Cardinity tool is integrated, your e-commerce business will accept VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and Maestro cards.

Why Choose Cardinity?

An online card payment processing service can be just that. Or it can be much more. With Cardinity you are not only getting the job done (accepting credit and debit cards), but also cutting your procedural costs and optimizing your payment cycles. Cardinity charges less per successful payment than most operators. And it functions as both

a Payment Gateway and an Acquiring Bank, cutting the middle man out from your payment cycles. Costs reduced. Process simplified. No-nonsense guaranteed.

Furthermore, Cardinity does not discriminate against smaller e-commerce enterprises, or the so called “High-Risk” merchants. Following an honest exchange of information, a custom-made deal can be fixed for any e-merchant (no matter the risks involved in the business model).

Are you ready to try us out? The set-up is quick, easy and free-of-charge (not a penny spent until your first sale via Cardinity).

Online Card Payments are Good for your Business!

Market Expansion – there are over two billion credit/debit card holders in the world. Each and every one of them is your potential customer. Open up your e-business to the infinity of cards by choosing Cardinity, the friendliest online payment platform in the European marketplace.

Growth of income and profit – card payment is the most comfortable online payment method, conducive to your conversions and reduced rates of dropouts. Furthermore, online card payments tend to increase the average cost of a single online purchase (currently, the average stands at around 58 EUR in Europe).

Customer loyalty – online card payments are fast and comfortable. This means a happier shopping experience which translates to customer loyalty.

Cardinity – the friendliest online payment platform in the European marketplace

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