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How Can I Fix My Bad Credit?

how can i fix my bad credit

Ready to fix your credit? There’s no doubt that living in the modern world requires credit. Yes, you can live without a credit card and survive on cash and cash back debit cards. I know because I did it for over two years. However, when you are ready to buy a house, you need to get your credit straightened out. No need to worry because there is a quick start program you can use in just 60 days.

How to Fix Your Credit

The first thing you need to do is gather your creditor information. Get the most recent statements with addresses and phone numbers. Take a second to get your free credit report from You can also check your credit score for free at Credit Sesame, but I’m sure you know it’s not great if you are trying to fix your credit.

The second thing you need to do is take a deep breath. People think that having bad credit is the worse thing that can happen. But just calm down. You are taking the first steps which puts you on the right track. Remember, it’s just money. No one is going to die. Tired of being harassed by your creditors? Take control and get back in the driver’s seat!

Feeling overwhelmed at the next steps? That’s where the How To Fix Your Credit program comes in. This is a massive program that will give you each step to getting back on the right track.

What is Included in the Credit Repair Guide

60 Day Credit Repair Guide

Here are a few snippets

from the guide.

Step 1: Pull your credit report.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get this at If you’ve already pulled your report for this year, you can use that one.

Step 2: Review your credit report for errors (highlight it).

You’re getting ready to take charge and stop being a victim. Most people don’t even realize what they could get removed from their credit just because of errors. This credit repair guide will give you specifics on what to look for.

Step 3: Dispute incorrect names, addresses, SSN and date of birth first and via the certified mail.

You’re going to need supporting documentation and letters. Don’t like to write or don’t know what to write? No problem, the guide has dispute letter templates included.

These are proven templates that will assist you in removing things from your credit report. Use these templates to dispute inaccurate, erroneous, outdated, misleading and unverifiable information in your credit reports.

So are you ready?

Ready to…

  • Remove bankruptcies to rebuild credit?
  • Permanently delete foreclosures and repossessions?
  • Erase debts that were in collection?
  • Completely get credit cards under control?
  • Get approved for loans?
  • Get the best financing on cars and homes?

Get the How To Fix Your Credit Guide, 101 Powerful Credit Tips, 99 Quick Credit Tips, the 60 Day Credit Repair Guide, and more.

Click here to get your guide now. It will be the best decision you make today.

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