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How much are habbo credits

how much are habbo credits



Before the merge of the English Hotels, Credits were the correct term. In fact, the correct term in almost every hotel was Credits. However, in the hotel, the currency was almost always referred to as "coins " and with the merge completion, the new term for credits is coins in the catalog. The URL for the Coins page on the website, however, still uses "credits". [1]


Coins are often highly demanded--unlike other games, suffers from a shortage of coins. As receiving or buying coins is the only legal means of getting it, many Habbos strive to get coins while trading. There are many "1c" shops which sell furni for just one coin, with the intention of attracting buyers.

There are also many "grabbers," which you pay to roll two dice. Like a coordinate field, the two dice returns a value of 1 to 6, which one represents x and the other represents y. Using (x,y ), there will usually be a 6x6 grid that may be filled with prizes. Using the coordinates, you can either locate the prize or empty space on the grid and win the furni or coins on the grid space.

In some hotels like 75%

of the Nordic hotels you can't buy coins with coins. That means, if you buy coins by credit card, phone etc you can't buy coins in the Habbo Exchange. The reason for that is that the Habbo Exchange was removed from the hotels some years ago and never came back. The Habbo Exchange is though available in the diamond-market where you can buy bronze, silver, gold, sack, and gold tube coins for diamonds. 10 diamonds equals 1 bronze coin. Therefore the coins are much more coveted in some countries and has a higher value.

Free Coins

Free Coins simply do not exist in most situations. There are no cheat codes or special promotion codes. Never trust "Free coin" software.

However, you may obtain coins after filling out special surveys or by doing special tasks through the official 'Earn Credits' system here.

You might also get a free coin from Watch & Earn.

Coin Purse

Main article: Habbo Purse When Habbo first started, coins were held in the coin purse. Like the big hand, the coin purse was replaced. It was removed from the hotel around 2008 and since then, the number of coins a player has is shown inside the catalog or "Shop".

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