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Find Out How Much Is Your SSS Salary Loan Balance

T oday we’ll learn how to find out how much is your SSS Salary Loan Balance online. Years ago, you can do this by visiting SSS Office or Branch nearest to you and filing a request for your SSS Salary Loan Balance. But that was so hard to do. Imagine the time spent going there and waiting in line? It will take you more than an hour just to get your SSS Salary Loan Balance. It’s really a waste of time especially if you’re a busy person. But not today. You can do this task easily and hassle free in the comfort of your home.

We’re lucky that SSS website can provided us this feature. No worries at all! You just need to register first in My.SSS to access your SSS Static Information if you don’t have an account yet. If you’re wondering how can you register in My.SSS, you can read my blog about this. Take note that you’ll be required to fill up the necessary fields which relates to your Personal Information such as complete name, address, your SSS Number and the most important is the SSS Number of your Employer. Once you provided all the information required, you can instantly have your own Username and Password and you’ll be able to log in to your account once it’s activated. Easy right?!

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So, I would really like to know how much is my SSS Salary Loan Balance.

Easy, Log in first to your My.SSS account. You can log in to SSS Website on this link .

Once logged in, on the left portion of your screen you can see the Main Menu. Click on the Online Inquiry .

SSS Website will redirect you to another page

that looks like the image below. On the upper menu bar, look for Loan Status and click on it.

It will display some of your Personal Information such as your SSS number, your Name, address, SSS Salary Loan Type and others. It also displays the SSS Salary Loan Information Details. This portion explains when did you received your loan, the check number and it’s amount, how much is your SSS Loan amount and how much is your monthly amortization or monthly payment. By looking at my own SSS Salary Loan, I can easily determine how much is my SSS Salary Loan Balance. Well, move on to the next image to see own SSS Salary Loan Balance.

Notice the link “SALARY LOAN” at the bottom, please click on it (Step 1 of the Image below). You will be redirected again to another page with same details above. You don’t have to read that, it’s the same information with the previous page (just like the image above). Ignore that, trust me. What I need you to do is to click on another link that says “Statement of Account & Loan Payment Details” (Step 2). Once done, Notice that it displayed a Statement of account at the bottom (Step 3). In my case, it shows my very first payment dated August 1, 2012. It also shows how much is my remaining balance which is P15,031.25 .

To analyze, the principal amount of my loan is P15,000 plus interest of P31.25. The amount that I should be paying this month is P656.25. Got it? Easy right? No sweat!

That’s how we verify how much is our SSS Salary Loan Balance using the SSS Website (My.SSS). Do you have any question? Take that in the comment section!

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