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How much debt do I need for your program?

how much credit do i need

We do not have a minimum debt requirement for the debt management program. Our goal is to create a payment plan that is affordable and enables you to completely pay off your debt within a three to five year period.

Our clients have, on average, credit card debt of $19,000. Though we have enrolled clients with as little as $1000 in debt, and more than $100,000 in debt. Our clients have an average annual income of $36,000.

When Debt Management is a Good Solution

The debt management program is a good program for you if:

  • you are having difficulty making your currently monthly payments
  • your interest rates are high, and you fell like you are treading water on your balances
  • you have numerous payments and you would benefit from one consolidated payment
  • we are able to secure lower interest rates for you, saving you money
  • we are able to offer you an affordable monthly payment and

    the ability to pay off your debt in three to five years

  • you have sufficient income to make your monthly payment consistently

When Bankruptcy is a Good Solution

If you have overwhelming debt, relative to your income, we may recommend you pursue bankruptcy. Our goal is that you are able to achieve lasting debt relief. If we determine that we cannot provide you with an affordable monthly payment and your debts are too large to pay off in five years, we may provide you with contact information for bankruptcy attorneys in your region.

Get Help from a Certified Financial Counselor

There's no one-size fits all solution when it comes to debt. We are able to provide a free counseling session and recommendations based on your personal situation. Whether you have $1000 in debt or $100,000, a Certified Financial Counselor can help you better understand your budget and recommend tools, resources and programs that can help you achieve debt relief.

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