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Relocating to Shanghai can be a complicated process, however our aim is to help make it as easy as possible for you. We understand that every expatriate coming to China will have unique needs for themselves and their family, so we do our best to listen to those needs, and follow through to research appropriate housing, schooling and informational solutions.

Unlike other real estate companies, we operate independantly and thus can cooperate with local agencies - so if what you want is out there - we have more ways to find it.

Unlike other relocations companies, we primarily serve you with expatriate professionals who understand where you are coming from, and thus can better sympathize with your

particular needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to look after the relocations needs of your entire family. A sampling of some of our advising, preview trip and orientation services are:

  • medical services tours and info.
  • grocery, furniture, clothing shopping tours and info.
  • adult and kids organized recreation tours and info.
  • coordinating local domestic help (maids, drivers etc. )
  • coordinating local internet and telephone and t.v. hook up
  • gym and fitness centre tours
  • emergency telephone assistance
  • advice on where to live in Shanghai
  • expatriate associations for adults
  • Shanghai's churches and religious options
  • & much, much more

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