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How much do i still owe on my car loan

how much do i still owe on my car loan

How long does a car repossession take?

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The old car debt can be paid off by the dealer when the new car is purchased. However, if the payoff amount is more than the value of the car, or if the purchaser is upside down on the old car loan, then purchasing a new car becomes risky says Auto Credit Express. Either the purchaser must pay the amount that is owed out-of-pocket or roll over the debt into a new loan.

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What is an auto bank loan?

An auto bank loan is a common way for drivers to purchase a vehicle. Auto bank loans offer a form of automobile financing with benefits such as established lenders, a pre-approval process and additional services. This type of financing is convenient and allows the driver to secure desirable

interest rates.

How do you sell a car if you still owe money on the car loan?

A consumer can sell a car if they still owe money on it, but the balance must be paid in full to release any liens against the title. That's why car owners always want to sell a car for at least as much as the balance of the loan.

How do I get someone to take over my car payments?

While you can't get anyone to take over your car payments, you can have them take out a loan for the full purchase price of the vehicle and give you the money for the car. This allows you to pay off your lender while the buyer remains responsible for repaying their loan.

How do you get a car loan after bankruptcy?

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