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How much family tax credit

how much family tax credit

can we get any help with family tax credit and how much

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Hi Michelle

First, it's a myth that a partner can stay over 3 nights and you still get classed as a single parent. It's a lot more complicated than that. I'm sure someone else will be able to explain the way the benefits system decide what is single and what is joint. The little you have said suggests they may view you as a couple who are trying to find a way to stay a couple but be viewed as two single people for benefits/tax credit purposes.

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I'd be interested to know why the father is paying Ј400 maintenance for his other child plus another Ј300 in court costs to gain more access but is only able/willing to pay Ј200 for this new child. That's Ј700 per month for towards his other child and only Ј200 for the new one. Hardly seems fair to me.

If he can not afford the maintenance payments for his child then he should seek to reduce his outgoings. Ј100 per month on a phone bill seems a bit excessive for someone that can't afford to rent his own home! I have a monthly phone bill of less than Ј30 and that includes internet access and unlimited phone calls every day. What on earth is he spending Ј100 on.

Ј37'000 may not be the largest salary

in the world but it is possible to live on that and support a family. Plenty of people do it.

You clearly need to get your priorities as a couple straight. If you don't want to live together then that is one thing, but to claim that you can not afford to do that when 1 of you earns Ј37'000 is just ridiculous. On what you say he is left with at the end of each month (Ј300) is to cover his rent and ALL living costs he must be living in a cardboard box or something! If he can n ot afford rent etc. then maybe he should give up smoking and spend the money he saves on putting a roof over his childs head.

Ј200 on credit card bills. he should stop using his credit card a bit and reduce his monthly payments on that and he would have more money to put towards renting a home for you all.

It seems to me that he is more concerned with fighting the court battle to gain more access to his other child (nothing wrong with that and if more fathers showede more interest the world would be a better place) than he is with providing a home for his new child. I would be a bit miffed if this was me. Or, at the very least I woulod not expect to receive benefits to top up what is by no means a small salary.

You both knew the family/financial situation before you had another child so you can't really complain that you can't afford to live together.

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