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How much is a mortgage a month

how much is a mortgage a month

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the whole thing is a farud, since the banks are not even putting up a legal form of consideration. There is NOTHING on their part that constitutes something of real value or sufficient for a "fair" transaction to occur between itself and the customer. The banks prints money out of thin air, all the time, hence it is an illegitimate form of consideration, while people have to put their REAL money down, money they worked for.

What gives the banks the right to create money out of thin air? and to hold people liable for paying that money back, when it did not legally produce it to begin with!

Fact: Banks have the ability to loan out 9 times that of any deposit that is made in their money supply. This is fraudulent and an outright theft of the people and really a form of modern slavery, since the public and government can never break free from debt,

they will never be able to solve the most fundamental issues of their lives and society.

Why is it unsustainable? INTEREST! Thats right, interest is the most mind boggling thing ever, since Bnka A gives you $10 and expects you to pay them $14 in return. But wait a minute, when banks are the ONLY ones who have the power of giving loans with interest, and there is always going to be less money in circulation than what is owed in general. where does the money come from to cover the outstanding debts owed by everyone to everyone? IT DOESNT, so thats why people have to be thrown into an inhumane system of exploitation and abuse to steal money from one another to pay their debts. And the ones who lose their job, or anything of devastating effect. will lose their homes, and thats why there will always be poor pockets of people ins society, due to the structural disparity and inequality BUILT INTO this system.

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