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Child Disability Benefit

how much is the canada child tax benefit

The Child Disability Benefit is part of the Canada Child Tax Benefit program which includes the following monthly benefits:

  • Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)
  • Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)
  • BC Family Bonus
  • National Child Benefit Supplement and
  • Child Disability Benefit

Some of the above benefits are taxable and others are not. I won’t begin to explain which ones you may qualify for, as some are means tested and others are not. Applying for these benefits is the easy part.

If you are already receiving the CCTB &/or the UCCB, then you just need to submit the T2201 Disability Tax Certificate . The government will calculate what benefits you are entitled to.

If you haven’t applied for the CCTB, then you can apply using form Form RC66, Canada Child Benefits Application. To calculate what

you may receive from the feds use their online calculator .

How much is it worth?

The CDB is worth about $2504 per year tax free (depending on your income level).

Can this benefit be back dated?

Yes. In the case the Child Disability Benefit, CRA will automatically calculate the amount for the current and the two previous CCTB benefit years. To claim for previous years you must submit a written request to CRA.  A written request is simply a letter detailing what you are asking for and why. Ensure that the letter includes all the details that CRA would need to complete your request. A sample letter can be found on the Files page.

The resulting refund can amount to a significant sum, especially if the Disability Tax Certificate is retroactive to the child’s birth.

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