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How much is the hope credit

how much is the hope credit

The HOPE Guide

Do I have to be admitted to Georgia College before I apply for the HOPE Scholarship?

No. Prospective students may complete either the GSFApps or the FAFSA after January 1st each year prior to completing the application process for admission. However, we will not actually evaluate your application or HOPE Scholarship eligibility until you are admitted to Georgia College. (top)

Do I have to complete an application to receive my HOPE Scholarship every year?

This depends on the application you choose to complete. If you are ONLY interested in receiving the HOPE Scholarship you may complete the GSFApps at This is a one-time application so there is no need to reapply each year.

If you are interested in other types of financial aid (i.e. PELL Grant and Stafford Loans) in addition to the HOPE Scholarship, you must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at after January 1st each year for the upcoming academic year which begins each Fall semester. Remember that the FAFSA application process must be completed no later than July 1st each year in order to have funds available by the Fall semester payment deadline which is typically in early August.

You may complete both applications and we actually encourage you to do this. This will allow us to have your HOPE Scholarship available immediately after the Spring semester ends even if you have not completed your FAFSA to apply for other types of federal aid programs. (top)

I am considered out-of-state for tuition purposes. Will I ever qualify for the HOPE Scholarship?

Generally, you must meet the residency requirements of the Georgia College Admissions Office. You must be a Georgia resident for 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes of the semester you would like to receive the HOPE Scholarship. In addition, if you graduated from high school on or after July 1, 2008, you must have been a resident of Georgia at the time of your high school graduation. If you did not meet this requirement, your time limit is 24 consecutive months instead of 12 month requirement. Our office can help you to calculate the term you may be eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship. (top)

What does my HOPE Scholarship pay for?

Effective Fall semester 2011, HOPE Scholarship pays on a “per credit hour enrolled” basis toward tuition charges only. This rate will change each academic year based on the

decision of the Georgia General Assembly. For the 2011-2012 academic year, Georgia College’s rate per credit hour is $188.52 per credit hour not to exceed the actual cost of tuition only. Further, the calculation for payment will stop at 15 hours per semester. It is worth noting that Georgia College does not charge additional tuition for hours in excess of 15 each term. For example, if you are enrolled in 12 hours your HOPE Scholarship payment will be 12 x $188.52 = $2262.24. A second example, if you are enrolled in 17 hours your HOPE Scholarship payment will be 15 x $188.52 = $2827.80 since 15 is the maximum calculation limit each term. Again, there are no additional tuition charges above 15 hours so the costs not covered by HOPE are the same. HOPE Scholarship will no longer cover any costs associated with mandatory fees or book expenses. Please refer to the maximum 127 attempted or paid hours questions for reduced payment information.(top)

Does my HOPE Scholarship pay for classes that I am auditing?

No. HOPE Scholarship does not pay for audit classes nor do the hours count in any of the HOPE calculations to determine your eligibility. (top)

Does HOPE Scholarship pay for Summer classes?

Yes as long as you have maintained your HOPE eligibility. However, you will need to complete a short Summer application in PAWS after you register for Summer classes. Registration typically occurs in March and April. The summer term consists of Maymester, Summer I, Summer II and Full Summer sessions. (top)

I am a freshman, how do I qualify to receive the HOPE Scholarship?

The Georgia College Financial Aid Office does not determine your HOPE GPA or eligibility; the HOPE office does. Your high school guidance counselor sends your final high school transcript information to The Georgia Student Finance Commission, also known as the HOPE Office. They review your transcript data and determine if you have the required 3.0 GPA (un-weighted) for all academic classes. Once our office has your application on file, we will retrieve your HOPE GPA information from the HOPE Office. (top)

How many hours do I have to enroll in order to receive my HOPE Scholarship each semester?

There is no minimum number of hours required to receive the HOPE Scholarship at Georgia College since we are a public university. Please refer to the “What does my HOPE Scholarship pay for?” answer for details on what HOPE Scholarship pays. (top)

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