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Cost of Online Schools and the Cost of Online Degrees

Convenience and flexibility are hallmarks of online learning, an interactive program allows you to attend college on your schedule. But what about the costs of online learning, how much should you expect to pay to earn a degree online? We found out. We called the top online schools and asked them how much earning an IT degree would cost online (IT being Information Technology.)

All online degree costs and numbers below are for the 2010-2011 academic year, except Walden Univerity, whose costs are for 2011-2012. If we missed a school, send us an email and we'll call them an add their information to our list.

Walden University :

To attend Walden University you must be one of the following:

Be 24 years or older (21–23 need 12 transferrable college credit hours)

Have completed at least 90 college credit hours

Be a Veteran or active member of the military

Cost's at Walden :

181 credits at $280 per credit = $50,680

Textbooks - 37 classes, textbooks for each class costs around $130

4 years of texbooks = $4,810 ; 2 years of texbooks = $2,340

Technology fee every 3 months of $80 = $1,280 for 4 years, $640 for 2 years

Final cost for 4 years: $56,770

Final cost for 2 years: $29,180

Ways to Reduce Costs at Walden: Transfer, AP & CLEP Credits :

No charge for Transfer, AP & CLEP credits - maximum of 146 trasfer credits

Must have C grade or better and an 80% course match to a similiar course at Walden

Miniumum credits needed at Walden for degree: 46 - cost of 46 credits = $12,880

IT Degree reguires 90 IT core credits, or $25,200

An IT degree at Walden University could cost anywhere from $14,420 if you transfer in the maximium number of credits and can satisfy a few IT core classes, to $56,770 if you take all of your classes at Walden and take 4 years to graduate (ie one course every 6 weeks.)

University of Phoenix :

Years 1 and 2 - Associate degree:

60 Credits at 345 a credit = $20,700

20 classes (3 credits per class) Resource Fee $70 = $1,400

Student will only have to buy 1 textbook in the first year, the rest of the information is available online via the resource fee.

Total: $22,100

The cost of an Associate Degree at University of Phoenix is $22,100

Years 3 and 4 - Bachelors Degree

60 credits at $550 a credit = $33,000

20 classes at $90 Resource Fee (3 credits per class) = $1,800

On Average, a University of Phoenix student will only have

to buy 2-3 book for years 3 and 4, the rest of the information is available online via the resource fee.

Total: $34,800

Cost of Bachelors Degree at University of Phoenix is $56,900. $34,800 for years 3 and 4 plus $22,100 for years 1 and 2, or $56,900

Variables: Testing out of Classes - University of Phoenix students can test out of certain classes and pay a reduced fee of $75 per credit they test out of. Each Testing Out credit can save from $270 - 475 per credit, or from $4,050 - $7,125 off of the cost of a degree. Life Credits - student can earn at many as 15 credits for various life experiences. Life credits cost $75 per credit. Each life credit can save from $270 - 475 per credit, or from $4,050 - $7,125 off of the cost of a degree.

Kaplan University:

$371 per credit hour

Associates Degree = 90 credits = $33,390

$800 Technology Fee

Bachelors Degree = 180 credits = $66,780

$1,600 Technology Fee

Each semester (4 per academic year) at Kaplan University has a $100 Technology Fee.

Students do not have to pay for books and can keep all books the college sends them.

Classes are 10 weeks long.

1st and 2nd year classes are 5 credits - 3rd and 4th year classes are 6 credits.

CLEP National Exam and AP classes can be awarded transfer credit at no charge at Kaplan University.

Challenge Exams - some classes at Kaplan University can be 'tested out of' by taking a proctored test. Each exam costs $50 and if the score is 80% or above they can be awarded challenge credit at $25 per credit. IT has 6 challenge courses, or 30 credits.

Capella University:

Must be 24 years or older or have 60 attempted credits at another college to attend Capella University Online.

Cost Per Credit Hour - 1st and 2nd Year: $265 a credit

Cost Per Credit Hour - 3rd and 4th Year: $345 a credit Credits Needed for Bachelors: 180

Cost for Bachelors Degree at Capella University. $54,900

Transfer Credits: Accepted - must have a C- or higher.

Life/Work Experience Credit: 8 to 48 credits can be obtained at $75 per credit.

Testing Out of Classes: 45 Credits of Basic Skills in Math, Science, English can be obtained at $0 - $100 per Exam per class.

ITT - Technical Institute:

Cost Per Credit Hour: $426

Credits Needed for Bachelors: 180

Cost for Bachelors Degree at ITT - Technical Institute. $76,680

DeVry University:

Cost Per Credit Hour: $580

Credits Needed for Bachelors: 124

Cost for Bachelors Degree at DeVry University. $69,600

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