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How can i get a free credit card

how can i get a free credit card

At what age does one receive their social security information?

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Though giving out a Social Security number can be bypassed at some financial institutions, a lack of credit history could still prevent approval of a credit card, notes Herron. Consumers can build a credit history without a Social Security number. "Name and current address are the minimum requirement [to build credit history]" states Maxine Sweet, VP of Public Education at Experian. Sweet recommends using a Social Security number to ensure accurate reporting.

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What is the process for applying for a Shell Visa credit card?

To apply for a Shell credit card, submit an online application and meet some basic qualifications, which include living in the United States, having a Social Security number and being at least 18 years old. Shell offers several types of credit

cards, including the Shell Fleet Plus Card, Shell Platinum MasterCard and Shell Drive for Five Card, states Shell.

Is it possible to obtain health coverage without a Social Security number?

In the United States, it is possible to obtain health coverage without a Social Security number (SSN) under new Affordable Care Act standards, states Georgetown University Health Policy Institute. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is required to provide assistance in the SSN application process for non-SSN holders who are eligible for medical coverage.

Does applying for credit require a Social Security number?

A social security number is required to apply for credit, including bank loans and credit cards. This is because these services require a credit check, which can only be authorized with a social security number.

How do you freeze your social security number with a credit bureau?

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